Haikus experiment

Water is ushered
by the wind under blue skies
The sea is alive

Green leaves may wither
as time goes by like river
Wind invites a dance

As the leaves shimmer
reflecting golden sunlight
A song of delight

I am reminded
Even rocks cry out Your name
I, in awe, amazed


Fostering creativity

Looking for things to write a poem of Haikus is quite a thing to do to foster creativity. Fostering creativity takes time. A lot of time. But it’s important, because purposeful living cannot do without creativity. And ways to foster creativity will lead to other more important things, such as, how to make a positive & eternal difference in people’s lives during [insert life circumstance/situation]. Might seem to be a big leap, but there are connections.  Haikus is only one of many ways.

What are some ways to help you get creative?


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