Bucket list

I’ll be honest, I have 30974 dozen of things I want to do, but I haven’t written them down as a bucket list.  There’s simply too many things that I want to do.  So just to name a few that come my my mind for 15 minutes of writing time?


– Ride a horse at 35 MPH or more.  I’ve ridden a horse before, but not at that speed!
– Stay with an Amish family for the weekend to experience the lifestyle; that is, if they let me.
– Travel across the US (including Hawaii & Alaska) road trip.  Maybe start with a Southwestern trip, a very likely dream come true in the near future – I’m gonna wear my cowgirl boots when I walk the Monument Valley, or Grand Canyon (OK maybe only for picture purposes, cause that would be harsh on my poor feet).
– Travel the world of course.  Maybe start with backpacking through Europe?
– Swim with the dolphin, who doesn’t?!
– Surf without being eaten by the sharks or stung by jellyfish (I’ve got stung before – it ain’t fun and I’m glad I’m alive).
– Paragliding over some beautiful valley
– Sail in the ocean! Or kite-board!! Wake board!!!
– Bike around Crater Lake one time, or by horseback riding
– Knit some fancy sweater on my way to these places I mentioned in the car while someone drives me, and without getting dizzy
– Direct a short film
– Write a screen play
– Fly an airplane or helicopter without dying
– Be a season ticket holder or the guest of one at a NBA basketball game and during time-out, be the lucky person to make at least the free-throw & the 3-pointers and win some money!! (I’m not so sure about the  half-courter – I’m just being realistic)
– Feature in a full band & play live to a crowd (other than at church)
– Run a marathon (I say this with trembling, cause I hate running)
– Try archery?
– Learn piano

So I realize that these things I talked about are mostly life experiences.   But there are more important things in life that I’d probably be satisfied with if I died and didn’t do any of the above,  Like making an eternal difference in someone’s life, and when I’m mentioned after my death, I would be remembered as someone who pointed them to Christ in their dark moments, and they have found hope because of I was there in the time, space & purpose that God intend me to be.  For I have been that person in the dark moments and needed Christ in my life, and He used someone to point me to the Hope of Glory.



3 thoughts on “Bucket list

  1. I thought it was funny that on your stream of consciousness list “Stay with an Amish family” popped up #2. Have you ever been to Pennsylvania to Amish country? It definitely feels like a different era, or an alternate existence.
    If you ever want to train for marathon, Ricky will do it with you!

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