Daily routine

I’d wake up in the morning 2 hours before I need to be out the door.  I’d sit quietly in bed and listen to the sound of the city awakening to the sunrise.  I’d sip a cup of hot black tea and smile as I sing praises to God.  I’d pray and read the Bible.  After the uplifting devotion time I’d wash up and talk a walk.  At the end of the walk, I’d arrive at my work place, the hospital, and get ready to be a positive change agent to the world!!

Wait, you mean that was a dream while I was in & out of my sleep during those 7 alarms that are 3 minutes apart?  I’m pretty sure that if someone were to videotape my half hour of waking up I’d look crazy trying to study what an alarm is in my sleep struck eyes, and I honestly would not remember any of that.  The thing is, I’m not a morning person, as much as I want myself to be!!  So my daily routine embarrasses me quite a bit because I am constantly not “where I want to be.”  But maybe that needs a change of mentality.

Anyway, I finally make it out of bed, after 30-40 minutes of encouraging songs I set as alarms, yes 3 minutes apart.  My hair is probably crazy.  I never “woke up like this” – I mean, who does?  I quickly boil some hot water while I wash up (thank goodness for electric kettle!!)  I have no faculty to think what to wear for 8 minutes so I might sneeze one or two.   I pick up two pieces of bread and make hot tea – yes black tea – in my Contigo (I’m so thankful for insulated steel bottle!) and the rest happens on-the-go.  I arrive at my work place, and between now and then I squeeze in some deep breaths, asking for God’s grace & wisdom to guide me.

I’ve come to believe that my daily routine during my waking hours is determined by my sleeping hours.  If I’m well rested, not rushed and give some reflection time in the morning, I think I’d be much smarter, kinder, calmer, and much more creative.  In another words, if I sleep well, my potential would be unlocked!  And who knows what happens if my potentials are unlocked?!?!  Unleashed!  Hey, at least the environment of which my body, soul & spirit resides in has a much better condition for even better things to take place.  I’d like to think that’s true!  So I’ve come to terms with my day actually starts the night before.  After all, when God created the world, He said “and there was evening, and there was morning, the 1st (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th) day.”  This is actually something I’m working towards for weeks now, and I’m not making a ton of progress yet, but baby steps!



One thing I’m proud of in my daily routine is that I take a walk home every day after work.  It’s a 30 minute walk!  I get my minimum daily exercise in that way.  So I’m prepared when the doctor (since they’re all around me…) questions me about my daily exercise, I have something to account for!



Muir Woods (disclaimer: no I don’t walk there every day to work & home) 😛



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