The word “regret” does not seem to have a very good connotation.  The thing is, “regret” is not the issue, the issue is “can we recognize it soon enough and do something about it?”  Don’t let regrets be the end of you.

I read an article about a nurse summarizing the regrets from the patients she took care of in their end of life.  I think it serves a good purpose to reflect on mine.


Yes I have regrets, big or small, in the past or in the present.  I regret for not speaking up, I regret for not standing up, advocating for what I stand for or working towards.  I regret for not drawing the line as clearly as I should have, and followed up as I said I would.  Or there are things I wished I had done instead of being afraid.  The matter of the fact is, we probably all have regrets, but instead of dwelling on how regretful I am, it is more constructive to reflect and identify them, and make changes and turn around.  And by that time, let’s hope that it’s not too late.



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