Biggest Accomplishment

My biggest accomplishments are…
(disclaimer: I’m running on a fried brain)

– wrote 6 days in consecutive of blog posts, only to be defeated by 2 days of inactivity.
– bought and signed up for boot camp training for 50 classes, and I went 2 times a week and finished the program!
– the reason I did the boot camp was motivated by a crack in my molar from grinding in my sleep due to stress. Yep, not anything else like “exercise is good for you” or what not. It was pain caused by stress which I was quite oblivious to. I guess it’s right when they say no pain no gain.
– while I did the boot camp, I went on 2 weeks of vegan diet because I watched the anecdotal documentary “Fat, sick & nearly dead” and the research and data based “Fork over knife.” The process? I spent $300+ to buy a blender so I could make something with kale in it (by the way, kale belongs with 3 other fruits in the blender), which I still use, so it’s worth it!! The outcome? I actually lost 10 lbs, unexpectedly even though I ate more than I normally would. The conclusion? I have decided that I can hardly be a vegan when I’m eating around my dad the carnivore, or being social in that matter.
– getting into nursing school and working to help & connect with people in ways I normally wouldn’t be able to
– while preparing for nursing school, I worked a full-time job by day, a per diem on-call job by night, and went to school at the same time. I don’t even know how I did it. Wow.
– I directed some mimes for church, pretty fun!! I’m about to do one more for Christmas!!

Well that’s it for now!


2 thoughts on “Biggest Accomplishment

  1. I wish I could say I have major accomplishments, but in all truth… I do not. I am more in the Regrets blog where going through life I have failed many tasks and challenges, none I were able to fix on my own. But God in great mercy delivered me through them all. I remember one time, I was facing serious charges and I had to go to court. I went to the clerk and showed her my summons to appear before the judge. She checked the system and couldn’t find anything on the summons. She gave the summons back to me and said you are not in the system. You should go and check another court. So I went to the other court and spoke to clerk about my summons. He checked the system and said I don’t see anything about this. He returned summons back to me and said if you are not in the system here or at the other court… forget about it…

    I don’t know how the Lord did it but that was one of many accomplishments the Lord made in my life. I guess, in a way, I would change the title to: “The LORD’s biggest accomplishments in my life are…”

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