I’m Winnie, and I scribble here.

I wished that I’m a morning person.

Coffee is a “vacation luxury” to me.  Except for Daylight Savings Time, which is literally jet lag, without the jet that is.

I love tea.  Black tea.  Every morning.

I love food.  I mean, who doesn’t?  I love healthy food.  I believe healthy food does not always equal to a dull and colorless life.  I love yogurt, tarty yogurt.  It reminds me of my childhood summers.

I love science.  I think the human body works amazingly.  It knows how to function on its own!  How cool is that?!  I’m crazy about how plants actually know which way is up to grow.  Cause, after all, they don’t have eyes like ours.  I believe science absolutely does not contradict faith, rather it is the proof of God’s amazing work.

I’m a nurse.  And I take care of sick people in the hospital.  I love my old people (and other people too, but old people especially).  I’m just so humbled by being able to serve them in a way I wouldn’t otherwise.   I’m fighting to make human connections with kindness despite the fact that it is so easy to get in the motion and mundane of the daily work and frustrations.

I am a tree constantly being trimmed by God, and it is uncomfortable, painful even.  And it makes me think of that night when Jesus prayed at the garden of Gethsemane, and everything thereafter.

I’m a mess.  But I am loved.  Jesus’ saving grace keeps me.

I love how the relationship with Jesus transforms life, and with that, over flows the transforming relationship with people.  I am still learning.

I hope to leave a legacy, I mean, who wouldn’t?  But it is the legacy that reflect Jesus’ name and glory.


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